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Gyproc CreteStone is a skim finishing plaster applied with a skim application method, by using a steel trowel.

CreteStone is suitable as a skim finishing plaster for application onto low suction-concrete soffits, concrete pre-cast blocks and Gyproc RhinoBoard.

Key Facts
  • Do not apply when temperature is below freezing.
  • Surfaces to be clean and dust free before application.
  • For internal use only.
  • Please consult your paint vendor/manufacturer on the correct primer for application onto Gypsum surfaces.
  • Application of epoxy paint is not recommended.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • For detailed application refer to Gyproc Plaster Guide Booklet or contact the Customer Contact Centre 0860 27 28 29.
  • Store inside on a level surface, off the floor, in a dry place protected from the weather.