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Gyproc Gyptone


3D Ceilings offers concealed grid ceilings that will lift your building to another level of performance and provide stunning, distinctive aesthetics that enhance the interior styling of any building.

The Gyptone range; including Rigitone; encompasses a wide choice of exciting patterns designed to enhance even the most demanding interior environment.

Gyptone acoustic boards have been designed to bring quality and a feeling of space to offices, shops, malls, restaurants and other buildings where acoustic ambience is important.

Gyptone boards handle and cut as easily as regular RhinoBoard. The smooth, durable surface is easy to maintain and can be redecorated over and over again without affecting acoustic performance, provided the paint is not applied to the acoustic liner.


Gyproc Gyptone acoustic ceiling tiles offer pleasing aesthetics with excellent acoustic properties.

Produced to improve room acoustics in schools, offices, retail and health sectors, these tiles are suitable for exposed grid systems. Their perforations, together with the acoustic tissue backing, provide good acoustic properties.

The Gyproc Gyptone 600 x 600 tiles have Activ'Air as standard - a product feature designed to passively improve indoor air quality by absorbing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants, like carbon monoxide, from the air and retaining them.

Gyproc Gyptone tiles are available in two patterns, Point 11 and Line 4 in two sizes (1200 and 600mm).