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3D Ceilings offers a comprehensive range of lightweight gypsum plasters, from base coat to finishing plasters.

Manufactured for internal application onto a wide range of surfaces, there is a Gyproc Plaster for every application from traditional hand applied skim plastering to machine applied projection.

Key Facts
  • Gyproc RhinoLite plasters are suitable for providing high quality interior surfaces and should be used, with the addition of cold water only.
  • Types of Gypsum Plasters include; Levelling Plasters, Finishing Plasters, Lightweight and Speed Plasters.
  • The Gyproc RhinoLite Range of Plasters include;¬†RhinoLite Multipurpose plaster,¬†RhinoLite Natural Plus Multipurpose plaster and RhinoLite Projection Plaster.