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Sustainable Construction

It applies to both renovation and retrofitting of existing buildings and construction of new buildings, whether residential, commercial, public or private.

It aims is to minimise the environmental footprint, and focuses on thermal and acoustic comfort, well-being, indoor air quality and safety.

Sustainable Design

Professionals in the construction sector tend to estimate the cost of constructing a green building to be 17% higher than the cost of building a conventional structure. This estimate is over three times higher than the actual figure, which is only about 5% higher. This is the conclusion of a study carried out by the W.B.C.S.D in the context of the “Energy Efficient Buildings” project.

Isover contributes actively to educating the market and developing sustainable construction practices setting up training programmes for building sector professionals to raise their awareness of energy efficient solutions for new and renovated buildings.

Green Building Council

As founder members of the Green Buildings Council of South Africa we are committed to sustainability and have taken a pro-active approach to raise awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and the importance of reducing energy consumption.